Chapter 2 – Generation 8: Petite

The next few weeks were the best of my life. I moved to Briocheport, I got a job, Gloss and I were together, everything was perfect.


…And he actually proposed about 3 months later!


We had a small ceremony at the Butterfly House, his family and mine were pretty much the only attendees.


You all probably know what happened afterwards but…let’s not get into, ahem, specifics.


I was pregnant within 4 months of the wedding, and ballooned up like nobody’s business, haha!


We finally went to the doctor to see what it was about, lo and behold…


“Uh. mom?”

“Yes honey?”

“Are multiples a common family thing?”

“Well, there was you and Juneberry…”

“No no, not twins.”

“How many, then?”




“Sorry, did you say quads? As in, FOUR BABIES?!”



Nesting was hell, but when labor actually started, that was even hellier…if “hellier” is even a word…


They were the most precious things I had ever seen, two boys and two girls.


Cressida Amore Muffin


Button Bliss Muffin


Azure Muffin


Indigo Muffin


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Petite falls off The Bull: a saga recorded in GingersnapChat by Juneberry.

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Chapter 1 – Generation 8: Petite

Ah yes, Starburst Shores. Golden beaches, smiling faces, the Berrywood dream, and home to…






“How many times have I told you not to fall asleep at the computer?!”

“Uh…I dunno, ask Papaya, she’s the smart one.”

“She’s still finishing up college.”

“And I just graduated! I’m gonna be 18 in what, a week?!”

“A week is a week, Petite.”


That’s my mom behind me. She’s pretty liberal about my computer usage…except at night. But bad news for her, I’m gonna move out in a week, so I can use the computer all I want, hah!


Oh, some introductions should be in order, hang on…


That’s me, Petite. I’m the “torch bearer” or whatever mom said. it apparently started a long time ago with my great-great-great-great-great grandma Blueberry Muffin. I’ve heard her story a million times before, and it’s probably on the internet by now, probably on Berrypress in a novel format.


This is my twin sister, Juneberry. She’s older than me by I think…5 minutes? Her birthday is pretty easy to remember, seeing as we share it.


That’s my dad, Iced. (You can probably imagine the amount of Banilla Ice jokes he encountered as a kid, yeesh.)


…And that, my dear friends, is Gloss. My boyfriend. We met on Simblr when we were 15, a few months after my older sister Papaya left for college. (She’s super super smart, so she was accepted into an Evergreen League one, pretty cool right?) and we’ve been together since. Ironically, we’ve only ever met three times in person, and Skype the rest of the time. We’re planning on moving in together in either Briocheport, or here in Starburst Shores next month after I’m 18.


A week has passed, it’s our birthday! Malt’s Master Kareoke probably wasn’t the best choice for a birthday outing…


“That guy sounds nothing like Brocade Melrose, and in general he’s…just horrible.”

“…Wanna leave?”

“Yes. Now. I knew there was a reason we avoided this place like the Berry Plague.”


We went to visit the world (in)famous Rodeo-a-Go-Go bull next. I decided to go for broke and chose the highest setting for my first ride…


…In hindsight that wasn’t the best idea.


Yeah. That hurt.


Juneberry had more luck with The Bull than me.


And we got home just in time to celebrate a little before the real extravaganza happened!



…Puberty did me pretty darn good if I do say so myself!


And it also did Juneberry well too, if I do say so myself!

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Chapter 8 – Generation 7: Starfruit

Time had flown by in the Muffin household. Papaya was a teenager, Iced was an adult and the twins were going to have their birthday in a few days.


It was Easter break, so everyone was off school. I had been working on a few art pieces and Papaya had been running herself ragged to keep the twins from getting under my feet.


Papaya was a smart young girl, and definitely took after her dad personality wise. She was well liked at school and was getting decent grades and honestly that was all I could ask for.


Today she wasn’t watching her siblings as she wanted to watch her programs on Berryflix and catch up with a friend who had gone away for the holidays.


As for the girls, the headed down to the park for the day. It was quite grey and cold outside so  told them to come home after two hours as I didn’t want them getting a chill.


Juneberry, or Junebug as we sometimes called her was the first born of the twins. She had blue skin like me and had her dad’s hair and eyes. Her skin is a little darker than mine and looks more like my grandpa Pomegranate’s skintone.


She was the more confident of the twins, and was often leading Petite on her extravagant schemes.


Petite was more like me. She was near identical to Juneberry except for her blue eyes but other than that she definitely took after me more.


Despite getting strung along in her sister’s schemes, Petite was actually a bit of a loner and preferred hanging out by herself or with one of her sisters rather than someone from school.


When the time came for the girls’ birthday, I felt a mixture of pride and sadness. I was proud of who my daughters had become and was excited to see the kind of women they would become in the future. I was sad because they were my babies. My babies were becoming teenagers and it saddened me because I wish they could’ve stayed young forever!


When the time came for them to blow out their candles, Papaya, Iced and I all gathered around to cheer them on.


After cake had been passed around, I got the twins together so I could take a picture for mom and dad. I could see a lot of myself in both of them but now that they were older it was easy to tell that both girls had features of their father in them.


After the girls all went to bed, Iced and I snuck up onto the balcony. It was getting pretty late by that point and honestly both of us should’ve been in bed ready for work tomorrow. Ice wrapped his arms around me, cupping my cheek and staring into m eyes. In this light, Iced looked as young as the day I had first met him. His wrinkles were barely noticeable and the grey hairs blended against his white locks.


“I’m so glad I met you Starfruit.” Iced said in a hushed tone. I blushed a little, planting a small kiss on his lips.


“As am I.”


And that is where the story of I, Miss Starfruit Muffin, ended.

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Chapter 7 – Generation 7: Starfruit

After finding out I was pregnant a second time, time seemed to progress rather quickly.


Papaya was already beginning to babble some words, albeit only small ones. Walking was another matter. We told Papaya quite quickly that she was going to be a big sister and honestly she didn’t seem that impressed. I suppose that’s a natural response though, to not be impressed. Mom used to tell me that Passi used to get upset when my parents were busy with me. I guess he got used to it though considering how close we were now. I only hoped Papaya could be as amazing of a big sibling as Passi was for me.


Iced was working a lot more now, but he still managed to find time for Papaya and I. He was really excited to become a daddy again and told me hopes the baby has my blue skin.


With another baby on the way, I’ve been trying to spend as much time as possible with Papaya. So, after Iced left for work one day, I put Papaya in her stroller and took her out to the local park.


I think Papaya really enjoyed playing at the park! I don’t get a lot of time to bring her here by myself what with my work and all, but perhaps I should make this a weekly thing seeing how much she enjoyed herself.


A few weeks later, as I was drawing near to my due date, Iced and I decided to get officially married on the beach where we met. I managed to slip into my blue dress (which was a miracle given the size of my bump) and we brought Papaya along with us.


Unfortunately, the wedding went far from smoothly…


Just after we exchanged rings and were about to head to the town hall to get our marriage officially registered, I started getting contractions. Needless to say I wasn’t very impressed that my second child decided to make such a sudden appearance…


However, thanks to Iced’s quick thinking we were able to get to the hospital as soon as possible, and I delivered beautiful twin girls.


The girls and I were released the following day, and whilst I had been in the hospital my parents who had been watching Papaya at the time set up the nursery for us.


Iced and I decided to name them Petite and Juneberry Muffin.

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Chapter 6 – Generation 7: Starfruit

It didn’t take long before it was time for Papaya to age up. In the days leading up to her birthday I spent any spare moment working on a cake for her. Of course, having numerous art requests to finish and taking care of a toddler can shorten the amount of free-time you have in a day.


Papaya was a beautiful little girl. The same beautiful green skin as her father only a few shades darker, my wavy hair colour and the striking pink eyes of both me and my grandmother.


Now that she was a bit bigger, and able to babble to us in her own little language, I found that Papaya grew exceptionally close with her father. Even though he worked for most of the day during the week, he always made sure to spend time with her when he came home and he always planned his weekends around us.


I also started adopting a similar pattern. My work was nowhere near as strenuous as Iced’s job, but I made sure to never work on a weekend and leave that as a time when the three of us could hang out as a family.


It was a rainy Tuesday when mom and dad announced they were going to leave. I know, it took me by surprise as well…


I had woken up to make myself breakfast and found mom and dad all packed and ready to go. My mom explained that she and dad had found a small house in town with cheap rent. They wouldn’t be far away, but they thought it would be nice for Iced, Papaya and I to have the home to ourselves.


I was sad to see them go but I was a grown woman and I could handle myself. And honestly, there were more tears coming from my dad.


And so, with a few parting words, mom and dad moved away leaving me all by myself.


A few days later, Iced and I were surprised to find that I was pregnant again. Mom and dad had left us, but their presence in the house would soon be filled with the introduction of another child into our lives.


My only hope was that Papaya didn’t mind a sibling running around.


However, seeing how she played with her dolls, and how she was with other children, I knew she would be okay.

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Chapter 5 – Generation 7: Starfruit

I suppose it came as no surprise that after a few months of dating, Iced moved in with me.


Iced pretty much spent most nights at my home anyways, so moving in wasn’t a big shock to our systems. My parents were both excited to have him living with us as they both found him extremely charming!


It was during Ice’s day off that something exciting happened! Ice worked at the local hospital, and he always had the weekend off. We had headed down to the local park since they still had some attractions from the recent summer festival displayed.


After a rather unfortunate time at the hot dog eating contest, I came over to see if Iced was okay. He admitted to feeling a little queasy and joked how he wouldn’t eat anymore hotdogs until he was fifty.


We were about to head off home when Iced stopped me and informed me that he had something to ask me…


And to my utter surprise he pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him!


I didn’t hesitate in saying yes! I loved Iced so much, and I knew that being married to him would be wonderful. It might’ve been sudden and probably a bit too early to some people, but I knew what my heart wanted and my heart wanted him.


It was probably a good thing that Iced proposed when he did, because not a day later I found out we were expecting our own little Muffin!


My pregnancy honestly seemed to fly by, and although it was tiring on most days, carrying a child inside me was one of the greatest experiences in my life.


On one dark evening in late winter, I finally went into labour.


And four hours later, Iced and I proudly welcomed little Papaya Muffin into our world.

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